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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hula Ella

I love all my orders but some are extra precious, especially when they are for someone special. I met Alex 10 years ago on our mutual honeymoons and we've been firm friends since despite the distance... she lives in France. So when she asked me to make a special topper for her daughter's 8th Birthday cake I was so pleased... it turns out though it was an even bigger deal as the topper was then going to be put into a time capsule for Ella's 18th Birthday too :-) I was so excited and couldn't wait to get started.... the small problem of getting it to France? ... well I'd cope with that later :-)

Ella wanted a Hula themed party and already had her costume at the planning stage so Alex sent me a photo and I got to work. Hula Ella all completed I packed her up super carefully and we crossed all our fingers and hoped for the best. Unfortunately when she got to France she was headless, but thanks to Alex's new found cake decorating skills she was put back together and you would never have known:-)

Above are a few pictures throughout the process and the finished cake made and expertly decorated by Alex, can you believe she's only being doing this a few months???? :-)

Thank you Alex, was a pleasure to be involved in such a special project, not to wish your daughter's childhood away but, I can't wait for Ella's 18th now, hopefully I'll be able to get to you for that one :-) xxx

1 comment:

  1. Claire - I cannot thank you enough for making Hula Ella. She was so special in so many ways... Ella loved it and has now caught the cake decorating bug too :-)
    And you are definitely on for her 18th birthday too: may be we can make her a cake "à quatre mains"? (whereby I bake and YOU decorate!!!)