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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cake International

I'm a little hyper after today's expedition to Birmingham :-) Cake International at the NEC is heaven for Cake geeks like me! I have definitely made a dent in my budget but have bought some absolutely gorgeous things and I can't believe it but I actually got an airbrush! It's been on my wish list for ages but was nervous about buying something I have no idea how to use. After a quick demo at the NEC I'm ready to go and the effects are so cool.

I also bought some beautiful lustres in colours that are to die for, can't wait to use them, will be experimenting tomorrow night when the girls are safely tucked up in bed... I'm such a spoil sport their eyes lit up when they saw all my goodies :-) I have got lots of pretty stencils and impression mats to try too, I'm not going to know when to start. Now all I need is for my flaming dummy cakes to arrive so I can get to work on my display cakes for the shop... they've only been on order for TWO weeks!

Thanks to Jayne Walsh of The Little Fairy Cakery in Newcastle for the lift and lovely company... did we stop talking at all today??? :-)

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