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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Studio Window

I dropped my cakes off this evening at the Just Darling Cake Studio, in preparation for dressing the window tomorrow afternoon... I'm a nervous wreck! All of a sudden I'm really nervous about putting the cakes in the window. Although the studio will not be open until next tuesday 30th November I thought the window being dressed may provoke people's interest for the actual opening.

I'm patially nervous because Alisa who owns La Fleur floral and bridal who I lease my studio and the window space off has done an amazing job with her window and mine is going to look a lot less festive. However, the decision not to go too festive was a conscious one and as I can't see many Christmas brides having left their cake ordering until now :-) I'm hoping to appeal to 2011's brides and wanted to showcase what I can do for them. Initially I will display one of my own creations and one from the Ruby Bloom collection and depending on how much space is left, a cupcake stand and a Christmas cake. There will also be at least 6 more cakes on display in the Studio upstairs.

I will post pictures of the dressed window tomorrow evening, fingers crossed it will be as eye catching as I hope.

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