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Monday, 14 February 2011

My proposal

As I've invited you to tell me romantic or funny stories about your proposals I thought I'd better start you off with mine, which falls into both catergories :-)
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago... in 2000 Mark decided it was time and dreamt up a really romantic proposal, which he managed to execute (pretty much... but we'll come to that in a bit) to the letter.

In keeping with tradition and unbeknownst to me he asked my Dad's permission, how I missed the sweaty palms and stress leading up to this I don't know and luckily he said yes, so hard part over :-) He then picked out a ring and ordered it in my size and then started to panic how on earth he was going to get the ring to Barbados without customs wanting him to take it out his pocket or something similar... so he hid it in a trainer in the bottom of the suitcase... urgh! How nervous was he waiting for the cases to come through in baggage reclaim :-D

He wanted to propose at sunrise and the first few days were really foggy so on the third day he dragged me out of bed and down to the beach... we wandered along... all very romantic at this point, except for being pestered to death by a guy selling Aloe Vera! Then he chose his spot got down on one knee and proposed, lots of tears and yesses later, we recovered and continued to wander along the beach, where Mark promptly fell over the only rock in sight and ripped off his little toe nail....
... cue lots of blood and a nasty trail of the stuff back to the hotel room, where I woke his parents up in the next room for a bit of help (hubby not good with blood) and hastily hiding the ring behind my back (seemed like the wrong moment to tell them) we sorted Mark out before going out for a celebratory breakfast. What a day and it was only about 8.00am by this point :-)
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1 comment:

  1. That is a romantic proposal! Bless Mark! Pity romantic proposals don’t run in the family …Kenton Bar Roundabout the day Newcastle win 6-0 doesn’t have the same ring as Barbados does it! Ha ha! :-)