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Monday, 17 May 2010

Lili's Cake and Roller Blading :-)

It's great fun when I actually know the recipient of a cake I'm making and this weekend was a special one for Lili, who I've known since she was tiny and who turned six on sunday. It's doubly great when the recipient is having a roller blading party and I'm invited :-) Well I should clarify my daughters were invited but they needed some help with their roller blades and naturally the best way to teach them was by skating myself. they soon got the hang of it and I spent the next two hours whizzing around with the kids... so much fun! I am seriously considering getting myself a pair as a fitness thing!

Naturally Lili's cake had a roller blading theme and the little girl on top is meant to resemble her. I'll let you know about the roller blades :-)

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