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Sunday, 2 May 2010

SuperNatural Food Colour... the results

Well no ill effects!!! The girls devoured the pink bows on the cake and remained their usual selves (and the effect is dramatic when they do have aritificial colours), so despite the light pigment and huge expense, the colour paste is definitely a sucess :-)

Laura's birthday bash went off really well, we caused absolute chaos in Pizza Hut but had a very understanding waitress who was studying to become a teacher so if we haven't put her off it can't have been that bad. After Pizza we went to see Nanny McPhee - the Big Bang... which meant taking my youngest who is two to the cinema for the first time.... despite seeing more of the loos (7 trips) than the film, we all really enjoyed it!

It's not actually Laura's Birthday until Thursday, so I have to churn out another 30 odd cupcakes to take into school for her Birthday and make enough tiny ivory flowers to cover a 5 tier wedding cake for Saturday... it's a good job I love it... but am thinking I need to get premises soon and work during the day rather than into the night every night or I'll burn out before I reach 35!

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