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Monday, 4 October 2010

Musical Notes and Plain but not Simple

Again two very different cakes this week. The first a 40th Birthday cake for a music lover who plays the trombone. I have to admit when I took this order I said to the lady ordering it 'musical notes no problem, what instrument does he play?' and then 'ahhh' when she said trombone and I'm thinking how the hell am I going to do that? I'm fairly pleased with the result, I think it passes a resemblance to a trombone if not completely technically correct :-)

The second is the most plain cake I have ever done and is testimony to how much I've learnt in the last year or two. I know plain sounds simple but it's so not, there is literally nowhere to hide. Every millimetre of icing has to be flawless and smooth... no mean feat, you even hear professionals on the tv talking about how they cover small faults with detail. So although it didn't excite my creative process it made me realise how much I've improved :-)
I need to apologise for the quality of the pictures though, they were taken on my mobile... not that my camera is much better!

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