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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Progress Report

It's been a busy few days in the new home of Just Darling Cakes. Mark and my Dad have been busy stripping wallpaper and applying the new much prettier paper and getting started on the painting. We've only got one day left with my Dad helping so I've been drafted in to help with the painting tomorrow as well.
The top picture shows the gorgeous Laura Ashley wallpaper on the feature wall. I will be displaying my white and ivory wedding cakes against this wall. The next picture is of my hard working Dad who flew in from Hungary last week with a few days notice to kick start the decorating process. Apparently he's painting some bits of wood to edge the wall or something like that... am leaving the technical stuff to him.
The last picture is Mark who is really pleased with his paint spattered trousers... proof he's been hard at it... apparently!
While they've been busy decorating I've been busy spending, but more of that in the next post :-)

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