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Friday, 15 October 2010


It's been a hell of a few weeks and it's not over yet, but thought I'd better get it all off my chest before I explode.... I have found some premises to turn into a cake design studio and showroom... that's the good news... the bad news is the bank still can't make their mind up whether they are giving me a loan or not.... GRRRRR

About three weeks ago when I was working on a wedding cake and chatting to the bride about a few last minute details, she told me she was vacating the room she rents in Huddersfield where she runs her beauticians... and that it might be suitable for me. I had been looking around for some time but the rents are incredible round here. So the next day I checked the venue out... it's fabulous! Location wise I couldn't ask for more, it's central Huddersfield and above a florist and bridal wear shop :-) The rent is doable and the room just needs redecorating and kitting out with work surfaces etc...

I have spent the last few weeks in a whirlwind of sourcing cupboards, plumbers (am currently on number 4... don't ask!), flooring, a baker and goodness knows what else which I've loved and then the bit I'm struggling with which has taken up the most time and given me the most grey hairs... the bank! To be fair the individuals I've dealt with have been fabulous and really helpful, it's just the system I'm up against, I'm not asking for the world but in today's climate they are really making me jump through hoops and tonight at 4.45 I find out I've got to wait until some point on Monday for an answer :-(

I'm sure it will all be worth it though I'm sooooo excited about this and I know it's the right time/venue etc... so I've just got to keep everything crossed that the bank pulls through. I'll keep you posted.... but for now I'll pop some pictures up of the building itself... Just Darling Cakes will be located above the bridal shop and will also have a ground floor window to display cakes.

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