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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The pretty things

When I open Just Darling Cakes I want the room to be fabulous and really showcase the cakes and also the Just Darling Brand. It's really important to me to get all the little details right, so with that in mind I've been having lots of fun sourcing all sorts of pretty things to help create the effect I'm after.
The top picture is just the cutest thing, it's a cupcake door stop from Laura Ashley and it literally jumped into my arms... I just couldn't say no! :-) I've also bought some lovely seat pads for the chairs from there and a gorgeous 3 tier cake stand to display my cupcakes on.
From the Range in Halifax, I found these adorable tea/coffee/sugar canisters... I'd actually given up hope when I found these. They are perfect and a snip at £3.99 each :-)
I've also been sourcing some flat topped cake stands to display the wedding cakes on, especially the new Ruby Bloom Range which will be launched shortly. Jane Campy of Ruby Bloom in Wakefield is designing an exclusive range of wedding cakes for me which will be displayed at both our premises. More news about this soon...

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