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Sunday, 18 April 2010

How it started

I have been baking since I could walk, under the tuition of my Margie, my Gran and my Mum (there was no way in our family that I wouldn't be able to bake)! However the decorating and designing only started about 6 years ago when my best friend got married. Jane decided not to have a cake, and suddenly I got this urge to make one for her, cutting the cake is such a big memory of anyones wedding and I didn't want her to miss out. However, with absolutely no experience I aimed low and went simple creating a cupcake tower, at that stage I didn't even know stands existed and I made my own...

... and the rest is history, I caught the bug, did a quick course at a local college where we learnt to ice a Christmas cake and the rest I taught myself as I went along. For many years it was just a hobby, but when after my second baby I was looking to return to work, I decided I had to follow my dream. I was very fortunate and inherited a huge amount of equipment at that time, from a lovely lady called Hazel and without that equipment and the help of, I'm not sure I could have even entertained a business. At the moment it is small and only in it's second year, but I have big ideas and one day I hope Just Darling Cakes is the name on everyones lips when they think of fabulous wedding and celebration cakes... watch out cake world here I come!

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