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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Laura's Ballerina Cake in progress

After a very late start to the evening's work, I'm amazed by the progress I've made on Laura's cake, it's very nearly finished. I have taken some step by step photos to give you an insight how it has been put together. I'll number the comments to correspond with the photos as I still can't work out how to comment next to the pictures.
  1. The chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream is covered in white fondant.
  2. The gumpaste strips to make swags, rolled using the pasta machine and cut with the ribbon cutter pictured.
  3. Pleating the swags using dowels.
  4. The swags with added bow detail.
  5. The name detail, made using extruded gumpaste shaped into the letters.
  6. The nearly finished cake :-)

It just needs a ribbon trim now and it's ready for the birthday girl. All I need now is for her little sister to be able to walk (she dropped a heavy tub of cream on her big toe tonight, hence the late start) and we're off for Pizza and to the Cinema on Saturday.

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