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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Supernatural food colouring put to the test....

I was so excited about using my new Supernatural Food Colour by Sugarflair... and I'm pleased with the results but nothing is ever as simple as you think it will be...

Firstly I was under the impression it was an entirely natural product, however, there are still three e-numbers lurking in the pot. I am not overly concerned as, my girls only tend to react to colours and flavours, but it is disappointing.

The pot is so much bigger than my usual colours (350g compared to 25g) and much more expensive but I thought the size compensated the price.... then I used it and realised how much I would have to use. There is very little strength to the pigment and therefore I had to use about a tablespoon to achieve the pale pink in the photo, where as normally that would only need a tiny pin prick. This then has an effect on the icing, but it was still useable.

So far it seems a pretty negative review, but I am happy with the results I just think it's necessary to have fair appraisal of the product. The main point of using this product was that it means people who have a reaction to artificial colours and flavours can eat coloured icing without any worries ... the cake will be eaten on saturday, I will let you know.

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